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Stamford Corporate Car Services

As a professional transportation company with two decades of experience in the business world, we at Avery Limousine Global understand the level of passion and skill it takes to maintain long term success. Staying one step in front of the competition requires utmost dedication and resilience and our Stamford corporate car service is created and devised in that exact manner as well; it provides corporate and business ground transportation to businessmen who are looking for an exclusive and luxurious corporate car service on which they can always count on.

Complete Stamford Limousine and Car Service

Whether you are flying home from another city or heading to an important meeting, it’s very important that you have a trustworthy partner by your side. With our professional dispatcher system, you can always rest assured knowing that you have a car service waiting to pick you up. Our Stamford corporate car service is flexible and could completely be tailored towards your needs and itinerary. Stay ahead of your competition with our Stamford corporate car service, the best corporate car service in Connecticut.

Best Fleet in Stamford CT

Our fleet is assembled of only the latest top tier vehicle models. Headlining our corporate car fleet are sedan vehicles, the most prestigious among them being the Rolls Royce sedans, the Cadillac XTS and the Mercedes sedan. With polished and sleek designs, they offer a perfect corporate transportation experience, no matter your taste. Another popular vehicle in our rich fleet is the Cadillac Escalade SUV, which offers a comfortable and pleasant interior, with leather seats and a natural wood cabin. The Cadillac Escalade leads our fleet of state of the art SUV’s, ideal for corporate transportation. All of our corporate vehicles are equipped with free internet and a noise reduction isolation system, all to allow you the option to take your business on the road, and make the most out of your time.

Ultimate Car Service Experience

We have installed a 24/7 customer support service in order to be always available for you. If you have any questions about our Stamford corporate car service, the price rates or extra services, feel free to contact our friendly customer service and they will provide you with any necessary answers and help, from creating the most complex itineraries and timetables to fulfilling your chauffer and vehicle requests. If you are interested in reserving the Stamford corporate car service, call or e-mail us today and book your own business transportation service, only with Avery Limousine Global.

Best Fleet in Stamford CT

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