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Prom Night Limo

Most parents are reluctant to book a professional limo company since they think they can make a better deal by doing it themselves. If you are in the same mindset for your child’s prom night, just imagine their sheer joy when they go out and see a sharply dressed chauffeur waiting in front of their house, ready to take them to the last night of high school. Surprise your high schooler with a memorable gift by giving them the perfect vehicle on the night of their prom.

First-class Service

The Prom Night Limo Service CT fleet offers you a rich choice in both limos and stretch limos. They are all excellently maintained and kept at a pristine level in order to ensure our passengers safety. No matter what vehicle you choose for you service, you wont go amiss, as they are all equipped with flat TV’s, DVD players, Wi-Fi and mini bars that are be stocked with ice, bottled water, soft drinks, and per your requirements other beverages.

Fun and Safety Prom CT Limo Service

The Prom Night Limo service CT  in created in a way to provide both the kids and their parents exactly what they need and are looking for. The kids will enjoy a luxurious ride to their prom in a world class vehicle, an experience that is going to stay with them forever and will be a perfect end to their high school experience, while parents can have a peace of mind knowing that their children are in good hands, as all of our professional drivers have passed strict requirements in order to obtain their chauffeur license.

Complete Enjoy

At Avery Global Limousines, we value each and every customer and aim to fulfill all of their wishes and needs. We will make your every request come true and provide you with a truly memorable limo experience that will last forever. We also give our customers the option to combine the Prom Night Limo service CT  with one of our many other services and offers and create the absolute best transportation service available; Combine the Prom Night Limo service CT with our hourly or point to point service and visit some of the best restaurants and locations in Connecticut, or enjoy some of the more peaceful places and venues the city has to offer. To book and reserve our  service, contact our courteous customer support, they are always available for you and eager to answer all of your questions.

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